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Our Policy

We strive to make best efforts for fortune reading.

However, lucky fortune will follow people who make the best.


Even if "love sign" meet you, it will not work for people who stay home all day.

Please make the best effort as possible, then good luck will follow you. 

​Before the session starts, read the followings.

-Download the "Skype" application before the session starts.

-If you cancel your​ reservation, please contact us 2-days before the session starts. If the limit is over, we cannot return your payment, sorry.

-Confirm that your device can receive our notification​ E-mail.(SMS  messeage is not available.)

Refund will be processed after 3-5 days.

-Our payment system are "paypal" or " Stripe".

Payment trouble concerning paypal & Stripe, please contact for each customer center.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

- Paypal

​- Credit/Debit Card (Our system is "Stripe".

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