Our Policy

We will make our best efforts for fortune reading.

However, lucky fortune will follow people who try to make the best their effort.


Even if "love-chance-sign" comes, it will not bring love for people who stay home all day.

Please make the best effort as possible, then the good luck will follow you. 

​Before the session starts, read the followings.

-Download the application "Zoom Cloud Meetings" before the session starts.

-If you cancel your​ reservation, please contact us 1-day ago before the session starts. If the limit is over, we cannot return your payment, sorry.

-Confirm that your device can receive out notification​ E-mail.(SMS  messeage is not available.)

-About payment, we entirely depend on paypal and Stripe.

Payment trouble concerning paypal or Stripe, please contact for each customer center.

Payment Methods

- Paypal

​- Credit/Debit Card (Our system is "Stripe". https://stripe.com)