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About Us

We are a unit of Chinese astrology Reading.

Our master is a very charming woman.
She has gain much life experience & knowledge. Although, she is a person having pure girl innocence.

In childhood, her hobby was watching Tarot card as "Beautiful picture cards".
Her Tarot card skill has grown from that time, and has gain population by her surrounding. During high school days, her classmates formed a line to solve their relationship troubles.
Even her teacher wanted advice from tarot card reading.


Master started to study Chinese astrology, because "The result of Chinese astrology is most similar to the result of Tarot cards".

Chinese astrology is statistics, logically-structured academy.
The origin of Chinese astrology is still in mystery, but it has been a great tool for governors & merchants, from the ancient times. 
She has given rich inspiration by "Western" Tarot card reading & "Eastern" Chinese Zodiac reading.

If you want to re-find yourself, please try to see your life story from the view which has been created by the crosspoint "West & East".

​Dot & Line Astrology Lab​

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